Abandoned Cold War Ww2 Nuclear Bunkers

Explore an abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker, fully stocked with military supplies!

World War 2 bunkers used to protect from bombs ✭

From 1983 and 1991, the United States and Russia each built a bunker to hide away high ranking government officials and nuclear weapons equipment in the event of a nuclear war. These bunkers, often referred to as Site RVs, are now being scaled by urban explorers, scientists, hobbyists, military historians, and thrill seekers for the opportunity to explore the remnants of some of the most barren wastelands of our nation\\'s history.

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Images of Abandoned WWII Bunkers ★★★★★

Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites are covered in decaying military technology that causes the world to move back in time.

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Abandoned and Lost Bunker Locations Around Europe

Modern abandonments don't have a lot of stock left, but a fully stocked abandoned Soviet bunker does.

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☣️ Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers ☣️

Urban exploration: Abandoned Soviet nuclear bunker.

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A Photographic Tour of Cold War Bunker Sites

Eerie and haunting, these images of abandoned WWII bunkers will chill your bones. Designed to be photographed away from civilization and to follow the path of least resistance, these unique landscapes were the perfect artistic expression of the photgraphers and landscape painters of the time.

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Guides to abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker ★★★☆☆

What's left of the day before at the end of the work week? Why not off to a secret underground bunker to get your inspiration, entertainment (and maybe food!).

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★ Explore an Abandoned Soviet Bunker ★

Photos of abandoned WWII bunkers in Russia are incredibly haunting. TV Series premieres in January 2019.

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The bunkers of Europe ★★★★☆

Go on a guided tour through Europe's abandoned WWII bunkers with the SNAP! app. Get the inside scoop on the rare artifacts left behind.

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☣️ Abandoned WWII bunkers from Haunting Images ☣️

Amid the ruins of the world devastated by the nuclear holocaust in the irreversible irreversible, the bunkers are sealed in silence, untouched since they were abandoned in 1945, waiting silently for the return of humanity. Until the day comes when the hope for its return will come true. Finally, when the Earth is invaded by the living, through the gates of suspense, these bunkers will finally answer the call.

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Europe Bunker Exploring Abandoned & Lost Places

Seek out history's most abandoned Cold War and WW2 places. With over 12,000 abandoned nuclear bunkers still secretly hidden across the UK, find your very own nuclear bunker for exploring, documenting, or even hiding.

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Explore abandoned bunkers around Europe in depth

Nestled away amongst forest, mountains, forest, and mountain lies a small, dense little town surrounded by a 40 foot high dense concrete bunkers, bearing Russian Cyrillic letters stenciled on their sides. It’s a strange little place – a Cold War-era bunker – and it’s nearly impossible to find. You’ll have a hard time finding a key, too – the city didn’t want anyone heading back into the bunker again after they.

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Abandoned Castles and Bunkers Through Europe ☣️

Take a trip back in time and explore abandoned nuclear bunkers from the Cold War and World War II for a look into a few less contemporary moments of Soviet and Nazi Germany. You don't want to miss this interesting exploration of these interesting times!.

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We re opening a secret passage in a bunker! ★★★☆☆

In a hidden bunker deep in the woods of northern Germany, a team of urban explorers have found a World War II-era bunker which has been left untouched for 70 years. Inside they found the remains of a long-forgotten war.

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✮ Cold War Bunker Discovered ✮

If you ever wanted to visit a Cold War and WW2 Bunker in Ukraine, there is now a tour company that charges $1300 per person to do so.

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Unexploded bunkers have become popular escapism ☢

Follow our mission of exploring the most amazing places in the world. We'll be exploring these abandoned Cold War bunkers!.

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Episode 1: Abandoned Bunker in Poland. ★★★★☆

I wanted us to see a cold war bunker in a new light. After spending a little time in the dark, we arrived in a stark, empty room that wasn't quite what I expected. In these empty bunkers, we found a new way.

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☣ Bunker was almost entirely subterranean ☣

An abandoned Cold War nuclear bunker in a busy city in the middle of the night and the journey to explore and explore.

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The blog talks about these abandoned WWII bunkers

Hundreds of World War 2 bunkers on the surface of Europe reveal the unfortunate and frequent lack of truthful remembrance and closure on events such as World War 2.

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Bunker history World War 2

Explore a fully stocked abandoned Soviet Cold War bunker.

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Inhabited abandoned cold war nuclear bunker ★★★☆☆

Join a group of urban explorers to see a rare collaboration of history and future. Become a member of a team to explore a WWII bunkers in a hidden site in Krakow, Poland to learn historical tales and clues in a place where the future comes alive.

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⚜︎ Abandoned cold war nuclear bunker ⚜︎

A photographic tour of abandoned Cold War bunker sites.

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Discover the hidden story of abandoned bunker ⚠️

Secrecy, Protection, and a Hidden Leak of a Bunker.

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☣️ #Canada's Cold War Bunker ☣️

Take a picture of a World War II bunker and tag @UrbanExplorers. The group will share the photo and one lucky person will win a trip. If that person posts a photo from their trip, they will be entered to win an automatic group trip.

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Episode 1: Abandoned Bunker in Poland. ★★★★☆

Cold war bunker in one of the most radioactive zones of the USSR.

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Explore the hidden gems of abandoned bunkers

When someone mentions Urban Exploration, chances are, two things come to mind for most experienced Urbexers - the thrill of the hunt and the unconventional and sometimes illegal activities that quickly follow. This is no different for those who dare to enter the depths of abandoned Soviet Cold War bunkers, for those that would rather not break into these highly secured and fortified structures, no problem!.

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Ⓐ Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites Ⓐ

We use images to show the abandoned bunkers of World War 2 occupied by Europe Streets.

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Explore abandoned bunkers around Europe in depth

Jump back in time and explore Soviet era abandoned cold war era underground military bunker.

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☆ Behind the scenes at the Cold War Bunker ☆

A book similar to The Bunker or Chernobyl Diaries to educate readers about abandoned Cold War bunkers.

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Explore an abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker ★★★★★

Run a contest to win two tickets to England England Central Low Moor (Bunker Hill) nuclear bunker.

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⚛ Access to a bunker can be a ticket to safety ⚛

Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers. Discover the ruins of Germany's suspenseful past. Fascinating photographs of abandoned WWII bunkers in Antarctica, Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia.

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☣️ The Bunker іn a Time Capsule ☣️

These images show bunkers that were meant to protect soldiers and cities during World War 2 just lying abandoned under Europe's streets.

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Fully stocked abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker ☣️

3D models of WWII bunkers show the areas they are found.

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Cold War & WW2 Abandoned Places: Nuclear Bunkers

Urban exploration: Abandoned cold war nuclear bunker.

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Abandoned Bunker and Lost Places in Europe. ★★★☆☆

The bunkers were left to decay, hidden for decades.

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Because of the conflict, bunkers being abandoned

The images show World War 2 bunkers that are completely abandoned with Europe Streets running through them.

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futuristic post apocalyptic bunker ★★★☆☆

Impossible to explore the inside of the bunkers without a risk of collapsing into the underground.

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Exploring abandoned Cold War bunkers ★★★★☆

Exploring an abandoned Cold War nuclear bunker in the heart of Berlin.

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Abandoned nuclear bunker, urban exploration ★★★★★

Embrace your fear! Check out these portraits of abandoned WWII bunkers.

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Abandoned Cold War & WW2 Places: Bunkers ★★★★★

The beauty of an abandoned Cold War bunker site is rarely captured on camera. Explore these amazing abandoned sites through stunning photos and commentary by architect, author, and adventurer to see why they are so much more than just relics or macabre trophies.

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Pictures of Abandoned WWII Bunkers

Abandoned bunkers are the absolute coolest places to explore.

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World War 2 bunkers, Cold War

Urban Exploration Inside The Abandoned Cold War Nuclear Bunker.

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★ Bunker used by military during the cold war ★

images show many World War 2 bunkers lying abandoned under Europe Streets.

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This is a fully stocked abandoned bunker ★★★★★

Places Abandoned Cold War & WW2 Places: Abandoned Bunkers.

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What if you could get access to a bunker? ★★★☆☆

A public photo album hosted on a website that is a collection of images of abandoned WWII bunkers in Eastern Europe that was taken in a similar style to the.

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Explore abandoned Cold War bunkers ★★★☆☆

Fascinating photos of abandoned WWII bunkers taken by our local photographer Martin Dieckmann.

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Bunker is embedded within the city of Ivano ★★★★☆

Explore the abandoned Cold War nuclear bunker in Kiev and get a taste of the life that people had during post- Soviet era.

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